Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to Tabor’s Mentoring Blog!

This is a place where we can spread the word about mentoring in our local community as well as share our stories to reach those that may live elsewhere. The Tabor Mentoring Program originated in Bucks County, PA to support youth preparing to leave the child welfare system, but mentoring is truly a worldwide phenomenon. This blog will share stories of how mentoring is giving back to the local community but the message of how one caring adult can transform the life of a vulnerable youth is universal.

We at Tabor strive to create lasting connections that help youth through tough transitions and also link them with adults to provide new experiences, a set of listening ears and, perhaps, a role model. It is not so ironic that these relationships leave both the mentor and mentee with a new way of looking at the world.

In January of 2014, we are celebrating National Mentoring Month! Each week, we will try to post several stories, quotes and insights into why mentoring is such an important part of so many lives. Stay tuned!