My Brother’s Keeper: Be Someone Who Matters To Someone Who Matters

It’s almost National Mentoring Month!!!



In celebration of January’s National Mentoring Month, we will continue to share videos, stories and studies that support our mission. Tabor Mentoring Program continues to grow in the Bucks County area and aims to spread the national mentoring initiative to “Be Someone Who Matters to Someone Who Matters.”

Watch the video below to learn more about My Brother’s Keeper, a previously mentioned initiative that aims to help young men.




Happy Blogiversary and Happy Holidays!

Today we are celebrating our ONE YEAR anniversary as the Tabor Mentoring Program Blog. This past year has brought many rewarding moments, many challenges and many wonderful people to our organization. We are so grateful for our mentors, mentees and staff.


Happy Holidays from Tabor Mentoring Program!

AND Here is a beautifully illustrated reminder to keep us going until we celebrate

2015 and National Mentoring Month in January!

You are one caring adult away from being a success story.


This morning, I came into an email from Jan, one of our dedicated mentors. It was a link to an article about a former foster youth who urges others in his shoes to seek out adult guidance. Often times our mentors do not always get to see the fruits of their labor, as its effects are often not tangible. However, here is a personal testimony of how all it takes is one caring person to empower a youth for success. Have a great Monday everyone!

The Agency Moment



Anne is another mentor in our program who has done a wonderful job helping her mentee through tough transitions over the past year. Please read her introduction to a fantastic NY Times article below:

I have a NY Times digital subscription. Each day, the Times lists the most emailed articles — this is one of them. Reading the title, “The Agency Moment” I had no clue what I would learn by reading the article. It turns out I learned a lot. The “Agency Moment” refers to “the moment when…..[a person] began to live according to her own inner criteria, gradually developing a…. capacity to initiate action and drive her own life.” Each of us can probably think of our own “agency moments.” Equally important, we hope and wish and look forward to our mentees finding theirs. Our mentees can experience many influences and circumstances that may make it difficult for them to trust their “inner criteria” and “drive [their] own life.” We can hope that mentoring helps them find the focus and resources needed for them to experience their “agency moment.”



Read the full article here: The Agency Moment