A Shout Out To Our Lehigh Valley Mentors!!

Shout Out

Today I would like to give a big shout out to our Lehigh Valley Mentoring cohort!!This program is fairly new, only starting in March. Since then, Mentoring Specialist Nykea Alvarez-Macey has been working diligently to recruit and train. A little over a week ago, Nykea held the first LV Mentoring In-Service at the Whitehall Township Public Library (a special ‘Thank You’ to them for their support!)

At the In-Service, 9 of the 14 Lehigh Valley Mentors attended. They were given some information on different topics, including: The Importance of Boundaries, Transitional Mentoring, and the Tabor Mentoring Blog. The Mentors engaged in great discussions, asked relevant and interesting questions, and supported each other using experiential examples. Nykea has 5 active matches and 9 Mentors who are in the process of, or are waiting to, be matched. In a show of excitement and support, everybody who is anybody from Tabor Mentoring also attended the In-Service (really it was 3 people who aren’t incredibly special, but it sounded good, right!?!). In attendance was: Dawn Miller, the Director of Suburban County Programs (my boss); Rosaleen Holohan, Mentoring Specialist alongside me in Bucks County (my partner in crime); and of course, myself, Kate McHugh, Mentoring Specialist for the Bucks County Mentoring Program.

Tabor Mentoring is thrilled and excited to welcome all 14 of our new LV Mentors into the fold. Thank you for all you are doing!! It truly takes a special person to be a Mentor. We also want to thank Nykea for working so hard to build and continue to grow the Lehigh Valley Mentoring cohort. If anyone is interested in or knows someone who may be interested in Mentoring in the Lehigh Valley, please contact Nykea at: Nykea.Alvarez-Macey@tabor.org or via cell at 610-739-0524.


A New Mentoring Specialist Joins The Team!

Hello out there! I wanted to take a moment or two to introduce myself. My name is Kate McHugh, and I am a new AIP Mentoring Specialist here at Tabor. I took the place of Madison Leech, who I’m sure many of you know. And if you know Madison, then I’m sure you appreciate the incredible job she did while she was here, and will miss her. I know, I know…I have some big shoes to fill!! We wish Madison the best in all of her future endeavors.

So a little about me: I have spent the past 12 years working with adolescents in a variety of ways. I have experience in the non-profit/child welfare and education worlds, as well as counseling, and volunteer coordinating. I love what I do and I’m excited to be here in the AIP Mentoring Program. I’m a ‘foodie’ and I like to pretend I’m a food critic when I’m out to eat. I also love to read, scrapbook, and travel.

So, what are my plans as I acclimate myself to this new environment, position, etc.? Well, I hope to meet all of our current mentors at upcoming in-services to personally introduce myself. I have already started to reach out to introduce myself to mentee’s as well. So some of the mentee’s might mention my name to you? I’d also like to utilize the blog to keep current followers informed about what’s going on with the Mentor program, highlight activities, mentors, and mentees as appropriate, and inform followers of relevant happenings in the overall mentoring field. Finally, I think that followers and potential future mentors might really benefit from hearing more from our current mentors. So here’s the idea: I would like to spotlight a ‘Guest Blogger’, on a monthly basis. I will email current mentors some more information about this. Let start sharing your real-life mentoring experiences with our community and the world!!

Please feel free to reach out to me for any reason, whether it be for more information on our AIP Mentoring Program, questions, concerns, or just to introduce yourself! Kathleen.mchugh@tabor.org