We’ve all had one of those days, right?! How often does one of those days turn out to be a great day? Well, it happened to me!

A couple of weeks ago, Rosaleen and I spent a day in Lower Bucks County. Our mission was to focus on networking and recruiting for Buck’s County Mentors. We started the day with a speaking engagement with the Shady-Brook Rotary in Levittown (Thank you again to this group who invited us to come speak).

Afterward, we headed into the heart of Yardley. We pounded the pavement asking businesses, shop owners, and managers if we could hang flyers. Neither Rosaleen nor I had considered our color choice (mostly black) or shoe choice (mostly uncomfortable) when planning our day! Obviously, it turned out to be one of the hottest days we’ve had this summer. We were in the middle of one of our heat waves after all! Well let me tell you, Yardley Borough was such a friendly, open place to spend our time. Despite probably looking somewhat ragged in our ‘Oh So Sweaty-Chic’ business attire, we were met with so many smiles and kindnesses. So we wanted give a special thank you to the following businesses that were especially kind to us:

Cramer’s Bakery
Starbuck’s in Yardley Borough
Burritos RestaurantTY post-it smiley
Cairo Cakes & Pastries
Vince’s Pizza & Restaurant
Capt’n Chuck’s Crab Cake Co. Yardley
Buck’s Print & Ship
Verelli’s Yardley Pizza

We then headed (in a very nice air-conditioned vehicle) to the heart of Newtown. Again, we were very often met with smiles and kindness. And again, we wanted give a special thank you to the following businesses that were especially kind to us:

State Street KitchenTY post-it smiley
World of Falafel
Starbucks in Newtown
The Zebra-Striped Whale
Becky’s Newtown Deli

Finally, we ended the day at a networking event with the Lower Buck’s County Chamber of Commerce. The Business Card Exchange event was held at the Newtown Athletic Club. I was only able to view the outside pool & bar areas, but they are gorgeous! By the time we were headed to this event, things took a turn for the…hilarious? To say it started to rain is an understatement. While we were driving, things quickly turned into what appeared to be monsoon-like weather. Well, if we thought we were wet earlier in the day, boy were we wrong! It was actually very comical. We got absolutely drenched going from the car into the event. And of course, it was an outside event… poolside! To see so many people huddled around a small, bar space trying their hardest to stay dry was pretty funny. Talk about networking!! We were squished in like sardines up against each other. Rosaleen and I quickly realized that despite our best efforts, we were already sopping wet and it wasn’t getting any better. So, we opted to just stand and walk in the rain, giving our spots to someone who still held out hope to stay dry. Despite our weather challenged day, we left with smiles on our faces, laughing at our dripping wet clothing and squishing shoes, pleased at such an enjoyable, successful day!

If you or someone you know is interested in Mentoring in Buck’s County, please don’t hesitate to contact: Rosaleen Holohan at or Kate McHugh at or via phone at 215-348-4071, x250 or x259.