Happy Thanksgiving


It is this time of year that we either automatically, or are eventually prompted, to consider the good in our life. I would like to think that we remember to be grateful all year round. I know that’s not realistic. Life gets in the way and things become so hectic sometimes that we can barely remember our own name. Regardless of how crazy our lives can become I LOVE that, at least around Thanksgiving, we stop to reflect on the positive.

This Thanksgiving, and all year round, I am thankful for so much! I am thankful for my incredibly flawed & wonderful husband. I am thankful for our furry, cat family. I am thankful for good friends. I am thankful to not only have a job that pays my bills, but one that makes me feel like I’ve found a home. I could go on for quite some time, as I have a lot in my life to be thankful for, but I’ll spare you the unending list.

The thing that the Tabor Mentoring Program staff, and the young people that we serve, are thankful for is all of the amazing men and women who volunteer to be mentors. We wish all of you a fantastic holiday!



Happy Anniversary!!


Tabor’s Mentoring Program just celebrated its five year anniversary!!

The mentoring program has many goals associated with the youth involved, goals such as: increasing self-esteem and decreasing risky behavior. The overall goal of the program, however, is to facilitate a genuine, lasting relationship between the mentor and mentee. Since its inception, Tabor Mentoring has produced over 60 traditional mentor/mentee matches. Many of these mentor’s and mentee’s are still in touch, showcasing the success of the overall goal and the program.

Tabor Mentoring is proud to acknowledge its mentors. These individuals, who volunteer their time and their friendship, are truly what this program is built on. We literally could not have a program without our incredible volunteers. We thank you all for everything you do for our program and for our youth! We are excited to celebrate each of you at our annual Mentor Appreciation Dinner on January 7th for National Mentoring Month! Save the Date!

Tabor Mentoring is honored to specifically thank three active mentors who have been with the program since 2010: Tom B., Joe S., and Tom S. Each of these men is currently matched with a young man, this being his second, or third match in five years! They have weathered the beginning stages and steps of developing mentoring relationships, and maintained the friendship to the closing of each match. Then they asked to be re-matched, stating that they believed they had gotten more out of the relationship than the youth. All of them are still in contact with former mentee’s. Additionally, they have also weathered the beginning stages and steps of the program, and stayed with us as the program grew and developed. They still attend monthly in-services, often offering words of wisdom, advice, and experience to new mentors. These men will be honored at our Mentor Appreciation Dinner for ‘Five Incredible Years of Service’ with Tabor Mentoring. Again, “We Thank You!” Upcoming blog posts will spotlight our five-year mentors!

Although we are proud of all of our wonderful mentors, we are looking for great people to join our team! We currently have a waiting list of young people hoping to be matched with a mentor. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please pass along our information.