About Our Program

Mission Statement
The mission of the Tabor Children’s Services Mentoring Program is to empower youth ages 14-21, who are preparing to leave the child welfare system, through the means of a mentoring relationship.  Mentoring specialists facilitate a program that helps adult volunteers form healthy and lasting relationships with youth in order to provide them with confidence, stability, and life skills.
Program Description
The Tabor Mentoring Program was created as the final piece of the Independent Living Services offered by Tabor’s Adolescent Initiative Program (AIP) to foster youth, ages 14-21, preparing to leave the child welfare system.  It was noted that there were many supports offered to youth while they are in care, but none that continue past their 21st birthday.  As a result, the AIP supports two mentoring specialists who recruit, screen, train, and supervise volunteers from the community to provide a non-clinical support to youth, who have little or no familial or natural connections.  The mentors offer the critical aspects of socialization and respite by someone who is not paid to be there.  The goal is for the mentoring relationship to become a natural connection that will last beyond their 21st birthday and provide continuity and consistency as these youth become independent.  Mentoring is a proven intervention that has demonstrated many benefits to the youth and the community.  The Mentoring Specialists are also responsible for screening the youth and meeting with them to complete a program evaluation.

Ways to Get Involved

Here are the different facets of our Mentoring Program:

  • Traditional mentoring: The goal is to provide long term support to a foster youth with limited connections.  This facet asks volunteers to commit at least one year to the program, in hopes of making a long-term connection with the foster youth that can be sustained past the youth’s 21st birthday when they are no longer eligible for the supports of the child welfare system.
  • Transitional mentoring: A shorter term commitment where you provide support to a youth living in a group home looking for socialization and respite.  The youth typically live in these setting for several months and are seeking an opportunity for a one-on-one connection for the duration of this placement.
  • Mother/baby mentoring: Many young and expectant mothers are looking for fellow mothers to connect with to share the unique experiences of motherhood and learn from someone who has been there.

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